Status update, February 2023


Hi, welcome to my website. This is probably your first time seeing it, but it just went through a major makeover. I've archived the old design if you want to check it out. The new design is blazingly fast, light as a feather, and anyone can navigate it. This redesign was heavily inspired by and

You'll find my contact details and important links on the homepage. There are links to more information about myself and this website, projects I'm working on, and my RSS feed at the top. I've included my PGP key if you wish to send me mail privately.

Game dev is back on the menu!

The CompSci department at my uni hosts an annual LAN party with tournaments in the usual titles (csgo, lol, trackmania, etc). It would be amazing to get arena to a playable, fun state, and have a LAN tournament to really put it to the test. I want to start working on my game again, and I want to it to be playable in time for the LAN party. I have about 5 weeks to make it happen.

What to expect

I have a few technical blog posts planned, but I'll also just be posting about anything I that interests me. I think I'll start doing monthly status updates (like this post), much like the engineers at I'd also like to start posting (weekly) development logs for arena.

Finally, I have a lot more services I need to start hosting before I really call this my platform. You can see the list of publicly available services by clicking the link at the top of the page. For now, I'm prioritising hosting the services that I use regularly.

That's all for now!

Book club

I'm reading A Voyage for Madmen by Peter Nichols.